Real Estate and Construction in the Baltics 2020

XXIII International conference "Real Estate and Construction in the Baltics 2020"

XXIII  International conference "Real Estate and Construction in the Baltics 2020"
June 19, 2020 Radisson Hotel Old Town Riga (address: Zigfrīds Anna Meierovica Boulevard 10, Old Town)

RMS forum – a branch of Riga Managers’ School what is organizing conferences, on June 19 is organizing the XXIII  international conference „Real estate and construction in the Baltics 2020: markets, development, forecasts”.
As real estate objects are investment objects, the real estate market is closely related to political and financial processes. These objects are mostly demanded during times of uncertainty and instability. Today, investors are concerned about the EU and USA sanctions against Russia.

How much potential does the local real estate have?
What processes occur on neighboring markets: Lithuania, Estonia, Finland, Belarus, Russia?

Prospects for investment in the commercial real estate
Will the flat renting market become a profitable business again?
What will happen to the construction field?
How effective are the changes in Building Law?
Will there be any developments in non-bank crediting in 2020?
Changes in mortgage credit market.
What happens to the properties overtaken by banks?
The practice of the acquisition by confiscation of property: the bank - the valuer - the new owner.
The role of the Municipality of Riga in promoting the development of the real estate market.
Will the changes in geopolitical situation have an impact on the number of investors investing in Latvia and the Baltics?
The building of multifunctional and multi-storey houses in Riga - a challenge for investors.
Which market segments will still be appealing for investments?
Which financial strategies can become the most effective?
Are there any transactions with agricultural land selling?
How will the real estate market be affected by the changes in the allocation of Temporary Residence Permit?
Real estate purchasing abroad during the sanctions: a view from Russia.

Social projects in the real estate industry - investment risks  and special conditions 

You will have a chance to get answers to these and other questions for the experts of real estate sphere if you participate in the conference “Real Estate and Construction in the Baltic’s 2020: Markets, Development, Forecasts”.


LR Saeima; LR Ekonomikas ministrija; SJSC «State Real Estate»;  Latvijas banka;  Municipality of Riga; Latvian Association of Property Appraisers (LĪVA);  Būvmateriālu ražotāju asociācija, Knight Frank;  Krievijas Rieltoru Ģilde (Krievija); Lithuanian Real Estate Development Association (LNTPA); The Association of Real Estate Companies of Estonia (EKFL);  SORAINEN;  ZAB „Eversheds Bitāns”;  “New Century Holding” (NCH);  Saliena Group; NIRA fonds;  Hanner (Lietuva); Ober-Haus (Lietuva); New Europa; NCC;  Estera Development; Eiroeksperts   un citi

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